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Four years after the Mass Effect trilogy ended the game and its many loveable characters still have a place within the hearts of many fans. While it is be fair to say that the impact of the trilogy will never truly fade, there are new stars on the horizon. Mass Effect: Andromeda will set sail sometime in the spring of 2017, giving us a totally new protagonist, crew and set of adventures. looks forward to what the next galaxy holds.

femshep as she is affectionately known to her many fans, is the female incarnation of Mass Effect’s main protagonist, Commander Shepard. Many of her fans have followed femshep from the beginning in Mass Effect game released in 2007. She might have been sidelined for the first two games, but femshep, quite by accident, forever changed the way we look at games. Voiced by the talented Jennifer Hale femShep rarely appeared in any promotional trailer or screenshot until the marketing launch of Mass Effect 3.