Who is Ryder?

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As we say goodbye to Commander Shepard, we look ahead to Mass Effect Andromeda. Set hundreds of years after the trilogy, ME:A sets the story for the new protagonist, an untested Pathfinder named Ryder. This Pathfinder must travel to the Andromeda galaxy to find a home for humanity. But who is Ryder? What do we know about them? Here are ten little tidbits on the new protagonist.

1. Shepard was a hero who became a legend. Ryder is untested and ME:A is their journey to becoming a hero.
2. Like Shepard, Ryder can be both male or female, but there is a catch as they are brother and sister. If you chose to play as female Ryder, the brother will be in the universe somewhere. There is no default gender.
3. The N7 character from the E3 trailer is Ryder’s father.
4. Ryder, like Shepard, can be customized, but there are no details on the character creator just yet.
5. There is speculation that the voice actor for male Ryder is Nolan North, but that is only speculation. Nothing has been confirmed.
6. Ryder probably left the Milky Way before the end of Mass Effect 3. Again, this is only speculation. Nothing has been confirmed.
7. Ryder has no connection to Shepard.
8. The player will have a much bigger impact on Ryder’s personality.
9. Ryder can romance either sex.
10. Ryder’s conversations will move away from paragon and renegade and head into greyer territory.

There’s obviously much more to Ryder than this and much more to come this November 7th, N7 Day.

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