Who am I?

Tree Wyrm (Admin1 to 'Mass Effect Female Shepard' on Facebook)femshep, Mass Effect, Shepard1 Comment

A number of years ago (I’ve lost count, but it was before ME3’s release) I took over as Admin1 of a Facebook page called Mass Effect Female Shepard, and several years later: somehow I’m still doing it. We (myself and one other co-admin) post anything we can find that is FemShep related. Sometimes we throw in a little science, sometimes … Read More

Who is Ryder?

JamieCOTCMass Effect, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ryder1 Comment

As we say goodbye to Commander Shepard, we look ahead to Mass Effect Andromeda. Set hundreds of years after the trilogy, ME:A sets the story for the new protagonist, an untested Pathfinder named Ryder. This Pathfinder must travel to the Andromeda galaxy to find a home for humanity. But who is Ryder? What do we know about them? Here are … Read More