If you just want to dive in, go directly to the FEMSHEP RP at

Welcome to the femshep role play chat, a role playing community (aka gathering of online friends) who continue the adventures of Commander Shepard in various incarnations. The events of the RP take place roughly ten years after the Reaper war in Mass Effect 3. We take a non canonical approach to our storylines, a Mass Effect AU including characters developed from other franchises as well as original characters. We’d love to have you come join us and our main group typically meets between the hours of 10:00 PM EST and 2:30 PM EST (2:00 GMT – 6:30 AM GMT). We have three main room, femshep Roleplay, femshep RP2 and femshep RP3. You may also want to stop by femshep.com and chat w/ some of us before hand. Come by there any time! Hope to see you there.